Laziz Hamani


Curious, eclectic, challenging, dreamer, self-taught, Laziz Hamani is an aside photographer. From Berber ancestry, he is born and live in Paris, France. Constantly improving, evolving, Laziz Hamani is passionated about images ; his life is defined by a constant research of beauty, aesthetic, and meaning.This research lead him with years to work with pretigious luxury brands, as Dior, Cartier, Roger Dubuis, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Louis Vuitton, Harry Winston, Giampiero Bodino… He also collaborates with Assouline Publishing, for whom he produced a lot of books. Axel Vervoordt entrusts him the transposition to images of the ambiances he creates, the starting point of this collaboration was underline by Axel Vervoordt - Histoire d’un style book. From the finest details of high jewelery to the very pure ambiance of Axel Vervoordt’ Wabi Spirit, Laziz Hamani enhance what he sees, bring it further and allow us to go on a dialogue with the image, so as to fully strike the power and the beauty, through a simplicity which is his own.